John Adams

Making history at Future Ed

South African Artist John Adam’s will attempt to create the largest painting of Nelson Mandela. By using gold foils, acrylic and oil paints, John will depict the life of Nelson Mandela through his renowned past in becoming one of the world’s most revered state’s men and heroes.

The painting itself will rival that of Paul Blomkamp (Current record holder)

The painting will be made up of twelve canvas panels measuring (H) 1.2m x (W) 1.5m each which will be compiled together to form the complete painting measuring (H) 4.8m x (W) 4.5m in its entirety. From start to finish the painting is set to be complete in under a month (30 days) and will be done by John himself.

The aim of the record and project is multifaceted in that it will be a part of Future Ed™, The Education Show – South Africa’s largest educational resource exhibition. The record will not only create awareness of the show itself in developing and contributing to the South African education sector and its teachers, but it will also highlight the work and talent of South African artists internationally. Future Ed focuses on our teachers and giving them the tools, means and options available to make sure future generations get the best education possible. The entire emphasis of the project will solely be around education – an ideal Nelson Mandela stood for and still supports strongly today.

The painting will be auctioned, with all profits going to The Teddy Bear Clinic and The Sunlight Safe House.


Future Ed has already made the first bid on the painting for R10 000 click here to find out more on John's painting and making a bid